Fairly Made Goods for the spiritually inclined and caffeine addicted

About Us

Life is about finding something bigger than us, promoting the greater good, and following our heart. God dwells within all of us. At GodThenCoffee, we believe in first things first. This initiative means we become citizens of the world by collaborating with artists and artisans from all over the globe that have similar vibes. We work hard to incorporate Fair Trade and ethically sourced items in our market-based approach to alleviating poverty and promoting sustainability. We pair this with our original and inspired designs, quality products, and our ardent love of coffee to give our customers earthly delights, treasures they can be proud to own. Thus, by participating in an ethical economy, sustaining our planet, and spreading joy, every customer becomes an important part of our movement.

If you have any questions, or wish for discussion, please email me at info@godthencoffee.com

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