32 Sober Summer Activities

 Whether you are looking for things to do with your friends this summer, or sober date ideas - this list will get you thinking.

1. Hiking

Find local hiking trails using this website

2. Arcade

3. Get Artsy

If you're in the mood to get creative, there are so many options: wheel throwing, pottery painting, canvas painting, cake decorating, cooking, etc.

4. Go Thrifting

Thrifting, antiquing and garage sale-ing! It's all fun. Find some near you:




5. Farmer's Market

Also craft shows, block parties, neighborhood festivals, and more.

6. Volunteer

What's more fun then playing with puppies and kitties? Nothing. Also, you could help some people or the environment too.

7. Dinner Party

Host a party! Get on Pinterest to get started with recipes and decorating ideas!

8. Museum or Art Gallery

9. Movies

11. Support a Local Sports Team

12. Play a Game

So many sober and rec teams out there, from kickball, to frolf...the list goes on and on.

13. Bowling

14. Driving Range or Mini Golf

15. Laser Tag

16. Escape Room

17. Rollerblading or Roller-skating

18. Bike Riding

19. Rent Scooters

20. Explore The City - Play Tourist

21. Stand up Comedy

22. Rock Climbing

23. Poetry Reading

24. Lake or Beach


Swim, jet ski, paddle board, surf, kayak, boat, sunbathe, and etc.

25. Host a Game Night

26. Wander A Bookstore

27. Fitness Class

Try Classpass to check out the bazillions of options, or check out The November Project - Free Workouts!

28. Cigar Bar or Hookah Lounge

29. Camping

30. Live Music 

31. Amusement Parks

32. Culinary Exploration - Try a new restaurant



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